Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Great Success of 2016 Chinese Lantern Festival

We organized an event on 21st February 2016 at the Black-E to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival to mark the end of Chinese New Year with dance, music, Tai Chi, singing, costumes and Flashmob performances, workshops, short films, dumpling sampling and stalls. It was a very successful event; we had around 100 people involved and 700 people visiting the event with a lot of families and children and received great feedback. We had audience from Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and performers from Merseyside, Birmingham and Yorkshire. 

Here are some comments from an audience and participants:
  • Can I say I was absolutely moved by all the artists I'd seen. Fabulous! What a great reach to include all cultures. I think we need more. 
  • What a lovely celebration of Chinese culture, beautifully sung, danced and played. Well done!
  • “Beautiful festival. Very educational and fun for families. Thank you!"

Flashmob Video

Many thanks to our sponsors Pine Court Housing Association, Lycamobile, North West Housing Association, LHT, Black-E and Hondo Chinese Supermarket. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Report on 2015 Year of the Goat Han Chinese Cultural Project

This year we delivered Han Chinese cultural project to celebrate the Year of the Goat. Now it has successfully completed. We would like to thank our funders, partner organisations, artists, volunteers, participants and audience involved in this project. 

Here is the summery and report on the project:

1.    What happened in the project?
1)   Chinese Gangham style Flashmob
We delivered several flashmob sessions including open classes at Bluecoat Arts Centre and lessons with Growing Old Disgracefully (GOD) and Liverpool Caribbean Community, produced an online training video for a wider audience to learn the routine themselves, performed the flashmob at our Lantern Festival event in March in Liverpool City Centre.

2)   Move It
Four dancers from our company performed a traditional Chinese dance at Move It, the UK's largest dance event, at London Olympiad on 8th February

3)   Lantern Festival / Preshow Event
We organised an event to celebrate Lantern Festival and also to promote our show at Unity Theatre on 8th March at Clayton Square in Liverpool City Centre with Lion dance, Chinese dance, singing, martial arts display, costume catwalk and flashmob

4)   Outreach Activities
We delivered dance and music performances and crafts workshops to LMH and Pine Court residents including Flaxman Court, Alderwood Lodge, Handel Court, Telford Court and Chung Hok House as well as Sedgemoore Care Home.

5)   Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show
We put on two shows at Unity Theatre on 28th March featuring dance and music along with martial arts, costume catwalk, films about tea ceremony and calligraphy as well as a live tea ceremony during the break time

6)   Show at Museum of Liverpool
We restaged the Unity Theatre show in a smaller scale with an alteration of the cast at Museum of Liverpool in July

7)   Show as part of Liverpool Loves Festival
We restaged the show with an alteration and delivered calligraphy and origami workshops as part of Liverpool Loves Festival at waterfront in August

2.    Funding and Support in kind we obtained
We received funding from ACE, LMH (Liverpool Mutual Homes), Pine Court Housing Association, P H Holt Foundation, Unity Theatre and support in kind from MDI, Hondu Chinese Supermarket, Liverpool City Bid Company, Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool Loves, Liverpool Confidential, BBC Radio Merseyside and Liverpool Echo. 

3.   People we involved and reached out
We engaged around 40 local and national artists and created over 60 job opportunities, 60 volunteers, 200 people to participate, over 6000 live audience and over 50000 online audience and media views.  

4.    Media Coverage
CCTV (China State TV) 1, 4, 13, BBC Radio Merseyside, Liverpool Echo, Xin Hua Net, Oriental Outlook

5.    Alterations
In general, because we obtained less funding than we planned, we ought to reduce the scale of the project; also because of the artists and volunteers’ availability we changed the dates and cast accordingly.  

6. Improvements
We could have done a little more rehearsals and preparations, and maybe appointed an assistant director to check the details before the performers went on the stage, while our director Fenfen had to focus on her performances on the day, to make sure every single details including costumes, subtitles, backdrops were spot on. For instance, during Imperial China, the collar should have left on top of right not the other way around, and one of the performers wore that wrongly during matinee; the narration in the tea ceremony film was quite fast leaving audience not much time to read.  The headpieces for one of the dance pieces were too big and did not quite reflect the style during the period when the dance was from. 

To sum up, this project was good success with a unprecedentedly large scale involving much more people, a wider audience and high-profile media coverage overseas. In the meantime, we learnt a lot in term of producing, directing, the content of the show and cultural significance and will improve from that and continue presenting quality work to the audience in the future.    

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Year of the Goat Celebrations

We have a number of events to celebrate the Year of the Goat. Do not miss them.

  • Tea Ceremony at 12.30pm on Saturday 14th February at Liverpool Central Library
  • Dance performance and talk on Thursday 19th February at Afro & Caribbean Luncheon Club
  • Chinese dance workshops on Friday 20th February at Sedgemoore Nursing Home
  • Perform lion dance on Friday 20th February at Garston Children Centre
  • Tea Ceremony on Saturday 21st February at Museum of Liverpool on Saturday afternoon (Time TBC)
  • Mask Making workshops on Saturday 12pm-2pm on Saturday 21st February at National Gallery in London
  • Chinese dance performances  2.30-4pm on Sunday 22nd February at Liverpool China Town
  • Chinese storytelling and dance performance on 1.30pm & 2.20pm on 22nd February at Manchester Art Gallery
  • Storytelling at 'A Day of Two Dragons' on Saturday 28th February at Cymru, Llandudno
  • Chinese dance performances on Friday 6th March at Montford Hall, Guild of Liverpool University

Friday, 12 December 2014

HOP (Happy Old People) Project

We delivered Chinese dance and music performances and Chinese dance workshops funded by HOP for Moss View Care Home residents. We had very good feedback from the residents and staff. 

Mid-autumn Festival 2014 for LHT Tenants

We delivered performances in dance and music and workshops in Chinese dance and mask making to celebrate the most important festival after Chinese New Year 'Mid-autumn Festival' on 12th September for LHT tenants at Stanley Terrace funded by LHT. We also provided Chinese refreshment and moon cakes, the traditional food for Mid-Autumn Festival. Approximately 30 LHT tenants mainly from Stanley Terrace and Friendship House, visitors and staff attended the event and gave great feedback for the event. Most tenants were Chinese elderly people. 

Thank you LHT to fund this project, all the artists involved, LHT staff and volunteer to facilitate the event. Please click here for more photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152362967553339.1073741870.49603953338&type=3

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Autumn Chinese Cultural Event

We organized Autumn Chinese Cultural Event on 8th November 2014 at Lark Lane Community Centre funded by Community Development Fund 'Community First' initiative and sponsored by Lycamobile UK. We had one-hour performances in Chinese dance, music, singing and Tai Chi and workshops in Chinese dance, Flash mob and Willow Pattern Art. We also had stalls of Chinese food, Moon cakes tasting Henna and jewellery. We had about 100 people in and out on the day and received enthusiastic feedback.

Please see some photos below. You can view photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152494713593339.1073741872.49603953338&type=3
A video about the event will come up soon, please come back for that shortly. 


What Have We Achieved? 
We achieved to introduce other Chinese traditional festivals through the year as well as Chinese New Year and raised the profile of the breadth, depth and richness of Chinese culture within the St Michaels' neighbourhood. We delivered an eclectic and quality new Chinese cultural programme and more diverse activities than last time including singing, Flash mob, Tai chi, moon cakes tasting. The day engaged people of different ages and backgrounds, who gave very positive feedback. Audience gained deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditions, arts and culture. We also had people travelling from further afield, like London and Birmingham to the area for the event. People enjoyed themselves in various activities. The event provided opportunities for different communities to interact with each other.
What Could Be Improved? 
Unfortunately we did not have as many as people attending the event that we expected, even though we pushed more in terms of marketing this time, like wider distribution of posters and flyers, more publicity online including twitter, Facebook, linked in, Weibo (Chinese twitter) and Wechat, more assist in marketing from Lark Lane Guide, Liverpool Days Out, and even on BBC Radio Merseyside, the attendance was much lower than the event we did at the same place in January funded by Community First, for which we had about 300 people. The reasons behind it could be:
1. It was not round the Chinese New Year period and people may not pay much attention to Chinese cultural events outside Chinese New Year. However, we aim to challenge that and will continue to do so.
2. There was a big game between Liverpool and Chelsea at the same time as the event, which attracted a lot of citizens in the city who could not make our event instead and also affected the traffic in town for people to come to the event. 
So next time, we will check the event calendar to make sure our event is clashing with any other major events or matches in the city.  

Thank  you very much to all the artists, staff, volunteers and stall owners for taking part in the event, to who came to the event and support us, to the venue's support, and of course the funder and sponsor.