Sunday, 15 January 2012

Taking Chinese dance to Sedgemoor Nursing Home

On 14th January 2012, China Pearl's Fenfen Huang, Rachel Baldwin and Natalie Magan visited Sedgemoor Nursing Home at Norris Green in Liverpool. Located about 15 miles away from the city centre, residents in this area have little access to Chinese arts and cultural activities locally and the nursing home residents who have dementias have even less opportunity to enjoy Chinese culture.

We performed a trio 'Chu Waist', a piece about the popular practice of small waists in Chu Kingdom in China back thousands of years ago. Then Fenfen delivered fan, handkerchief, ribbon dance workshops with the residents, families and staff. Everyone joined in and had a go. The audience overwhelmed us with their enthusiasm and appreciation. In the end they also requested us to perform once more and we did.

It was a really enjoyable day for us to take Chinese dance to this lovely nursing home and I am sure for the residents too. It is the first time for most of them to see Chinese traditional dance and try Chinese dance. But I have to say that they have a natural talent for Chinese dance.

Here is some of the feedback they gave us:

  • Lovely dance, well done, thank you!
  • Your artistry is very good!
  • Fab!!! loved the colour, costumes and graceful dancings, lovely ladies. Residents of Sedgemoor really enjoyed.
  • Really good dancing, every colourful and every cultural and fun to watch
  • Wonderful costumes and dance moves so beautiful and fun
  • Very entertaining, enjoyed the show
  • lovely to watch, music fantastic and the workshop allowed participation, which was very enjoyable
  • Good fun with the interaction and the dancers
  • Was very enjoyable
  • Very enjoyable and liked the interaction
  • Very enjoyable, it was good that everyone was included. Many thanks. 

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