Saturday, 18 January 2014

Successful St Michael's 2014 Chinese New Year event

Our St Michael's Chinese New Year event, a Community First initiative funded by Community Foundation Development,  on 18th January 2014 at Lark Lane Community Association was great success. We had about 300 people of different ages and backgrounds coming to the event and had over 100 stayed from the start till the end. We had performances in lion dance, Chinese dance, break dance, music and Martial Arts and also participatory workshops in Chinese dance, Wushu, Taichi, crafts and drawing. We also had food stalls on the day. Audience enjoyed themselves watching wonderful performances, trying some activities as well as having delicious Chinese food. The venue was nicely decorated with Chinese artefacts like paper lanterns made by pupils from Rudston Primary School and pictures. 

Gary Steel from City Council, who was the initial contact for our Community First Fund application, came to the event, was very pleased with how the event went. The  venue manager Rupa also enjoyed himself on the day. 

Our director Fenfen Huang commented after the event, 'The event went much better than I expected. At 12pm when we were supposed to start the event, we only had 10 people; then I started panicking and expected there would be very few people coming to the event. But after 15 minutes, people started coming and filled the hall very quickly. The venue was packed with people of all walks and ages, which was great and brought festival spirit early for the Year of the Horse.' 

She added, 'It was our first time doing Chinese New Year event in St Michaels. After the successful one this year, we are hoping to come back next year with demand from local people and organisations.' 

We would like to thank our funder Community Development Foundation, the venue Lark Lane Community Association, support from Lark Lane Guide, Liverpool Days Out and Rudston Primary, and all the artists, staff, volunteers and organisations involved to make this event successful. 



Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Press Release for 2014 Chinese New Year Show

A Chinese dancer living in the UK has revived a 2,000-year-old traditional dance as a centrepiece of a feast of entertainment to welcome the Year of the Horse.

Fenfen Huang from Linhai in Zhejiang Province wants a British audience to experience the colourful spectacles that dominate television screens across China.

Ms Huang, director of a Liverpool-based arts and culture company, China Pearl, has produced an evening of Chinese dance and music on February 1 to be performed at the Unity Theatre in her adopted city.

The centrepiece will be what Fenfen Huang believes is the first ever performance in the UK of a dance devised over 2,000 years ago in China.

Ms Huang explained: “The old dance is a traditional Chinese Han Tang dance called Xiang He Ge (Xiang He Ballad). It was choreographed by Professor Sun Yin from the Beijing Dance Academy who has been devoted to developing traditional Han Chinese dance for many years. I reworked the old dance with my dance group in Liverpool. 
“The piece is based on Your Collar, a famous ancient poem from Shi Jing, the early collection of Chinese poetry and one of the Five Classics of Confucianism. The girls chant the poem and dance on and off drums creating rhythms with their feet to express their affection for absent loved ones. 
“I want to present this piece to share with a British audience the traditional dance, music, literature and costumes over 2000 years ago in China, which reflects the diversity and depth of Chinese culture.”
The show also includes a range of Chinese dance and music.
Added Ms Huang: “In China one of the highlights of the Spring Festival and our New Year are the spectacular shows.  Seeing them is one of the things I most miss about China, they are so colourful and vibrant and a great way to start a new year.
“China Pearl decided we want to capture some of this magic right here in  England so a UK audience can share the same experience.
“We will bring the spirit of horse to the Unity Theatre with an exciting Chinese cultural show of exquisite and electrifying dance and music featuring traditional, contemporary and fusion styles.”

The show will include solo dances by Susie Lu, who has performed on China’s state television station CCTV. Yuxuan Su will play the memorising Chinese harp while Qiqi will perform both classical and pop music with a beautiful Chinese flute. Local break dance group Funkymentals will bring audience's favourite piece about a Kungfu story in a fusion style back to Unity. Fenfen will also perform a couple of Chinese dance solos. "

“The show will be very eclectic with traditional Chinese dance, Chinese national & folk dance, Chinese classical and pop music, , plus a fusion of street dance and Chinese martial arts. Our audience will learn about Chinese arts, history,tradition, literature, ethnicity and the integration of Chinese culture in British society,” said Fenfen Huang.

Hoof-note: Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31, entering the Year of the Horse. The Chinese Sign Horse is energetic, warm-hearted, intelligent and able, which reflects a famous Chinese phrase 'Long Ma Jing Shen / 龙马精神’ which literally means 'energetic as a dragon and a horse and full of vigor’. Chinese people hope the spirit of the horse will bring a lot of luck and prosperity in the new year. 

For tickets please visit

Snippet of the rehearsal for a new traditional Chinese dance piece 
we will premier at the show

Friday, 3 January 2014

Press Release for Chinese New Year Celebration in St Michaels

 Lion to Lark about in the Lane

A dancing lion will be let loose in Lark Lane on Saturday 18th January. But don’t worry, he’s family friendly and in a party mood! This creature will be celebrating the Chinese Year of the Horse as part of China Pearl’s programme at Lark Lane Community Centre (the Old Police Station).

That’s not all! From midday until 3pm, a colourful cultural programme of free performances and workshops in dance, martial arts, music, arts and crafts will be on offer for the young and the young at heart.

Director of China Pearl Fenfen Huang enthused, “We’re really excited to celebrate Chinese New Year here in St Michael’s.  Even though I often pop down here to shop, socialise and eat, as a company we’ve never worked in this neighbourhood before. I’m so happy and grateful that Community First Foundation are supporting this event, and hope that both residents and visitors will enjoy a taste of Chinese culture by Sefton Park.”

She added, “Celebrations will be happening in the city centre, too, but I feel this will help add a more intimate opportunity for people to get together as friends and family, to enjoy each other’s company whilst experiencing a bit of culture. People like to get involved in this great city, just like we do in China!”