Saturday, 18 January 2014

Successful St Michael's 2014 Chinese New Year event

Our St Michael's Chinese New Year event, a Community First initiative funded by Community Foundation Development,  on 18th January 2014 at Lark Lane Community Association was great success. We had about 300 people of different ages and backgrounds coming to the event and had over 100 stayed from the start till the end. We had performances in lion dance, Chinese dance, break dance, music and Martial Arts and also participatory workshops in Chinese dance, Wushu, Taichi, crafts and drawing. We also had food stalls on the day. Audience enjoyed themselves watching wonderful performances, trying some activities as well as having delicious Chinese food. The venue was nicely decorated with Chinese artefacts like paper lanterns made by pupils from Rudston Primary School and pictures. 

Gary Steel from City Council, who was the initial contact for our Community First Fund application, came to the event, was very pleased with how the event went. The  venue manager Rupa also enjoyed himself on the day. 

Our director Fenfen Huang commented after the event, 'The event went much better than I expected. At 12pm when we were supposed to start the event, we only had 10 people; then I started panicking and expected there would be very few people coming to the event. But after 15 minutes, people started coming and filled the hall very quickly. The venue was packed with people of all walks and ages, which was great and brought festival spirit early for the Year of the Horse.' 

She added, 'It was our first time doing Chinese New Year event in St Michaels. After the successful one this year, we are hoping to come back next year with demand from local people and organisations.' 

We would like to thank our funder Community Development Foundation, the venue Lark Lane Community Association, support from Lark Lane Guide, Liverpool Days Out and Rudston Primary, and all the artists, staff, volunteers and organisations involved to make this event successful. 



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