Tuesday, 4 February 2014

2014 The Year of the Horse Chinese Cultural Show Was Great Success

Liverpool arts and culture group China Pearl has decided to turn its Chinese New Year music show into an annual event following the success of its Year of the Horse event.

The 'house full' signs went up at the Unity Theatre as director Fenfen Huang and her team of entertainers thrilled the packed theatre with a stunning show.
One of the highlights of the show was a dance choreographed by Fenfen, turning a traditional Chinese dance into a 'wild west' horse riding bonanza.

Riding high after the show Fenfen said: "The feedback from the audience was amazing. Dance and music shows in China go hand-in-hand with Chinese New Year, capturing television audiences of hundreds of millions. I like the idea of capturing an essence of that right here in Liverpool with our own show.

"The success in front of a capacity audience has convinced me this ought to be an annual feature of Liverpool's cultural calendar. I'm already working on ideas for next year's show when we will be celebrating the Year of the Sheep(Ram). Who knows we may even end up with a Chinese version of Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep. Once thing is certain - next year's show will be bigger and even better. 

"Meanwhile we will continue our work at China Pearl introducing Chinese culture to schools,colleges and community organisations."

Here is a lovely comment from Cecila, who came to the show, about our show last Saturday: "I wanted to express how good and how polished the show was and how much I enjoyed it and learned from it. I appreciated the projected pieces of cultural information. The hall was packed and I felt sorry for the people who couldn't get in. Next year, more showings?"

Videos from the show as below (More up soon)

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