Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review of 2014 Year of the Horse Chinese Cultural Show

We produced Year of the Horse Chinese Cultural Show to celebrate 2014 Chinese New Year on 1st February at Unity Theatre, who we have been working with in the past three years to put on a Chinese New Year show. 

We had a full house and the theatre was packed with people of different ages and backgrounds, which produced great festival atmosphere. The show had performances from local and regional artists featuring traditional Chinese Han Tang dance, Classical Chinese dance, Chinese folk & ethnic dance, Break dance in fusion with Chinese Kung Fu, Classical Chinese music and Chinese pop music performed on Chinese Harp (Guzheng) and Chinese flute (dizi). The show was very eclectic, authentic and innovative presenting different aspects of Chinese culture including history, literature, tradition, ethnicity, modernity and integration of Chinese culture in the British society. 


We received very positive feedback from the audience and the theatre. Here are a couple of the feedback: 


Here is the highlights of the show. Watch videos of the whole show please visit 


Here are some photos from the show. Check our album here: 




We had extensive media coverage for our show including locally Liverpool Echo, BBC Radio Merseyside, Liverpool ConfidentialClick Liverpool, Bay TV, Art In Liverpool, Your Move magazine, regionally BBC Radio Manchester, nationally My Asian Planet, internationally Xinhua Net, China National TVChina Daily, Global Time, People Daily China, China Military Online
Liverpool Echo

Sponsors & Supporters

We would like to thank our sponsors Unity Theatre, Liverpool Mutual Homes and Liverpool Confucius Institute for their generous sponsorship and also organisations including Liverpool Confidential, MDI, Liverpool Echo, BBC Radio Manchester, Bay TV, Live TV, Kenyon Fraser, Art In Liverpool, Liverpool Live TV, Culture Liverpool and Rudston Primary School for their kind support. (Apologies if we miss your name out, please let me know)

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