Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review for Spirit of Dragon in Kendal

When I went to see the Spirit of Dragon at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, I was spellbound by such an amazing performance. There was an entire series of arts, ranging from Street Dance, to playing music, modern or traditional, contemporary or hip hop. It was a very varied show and because of this would appeal to people of all ages and with all opinions and favourites. Personally, my favourite chapter was the street dancing, because it told a story through dance that was humorous and well written with a hint of danger. The playing of the Chinese Harp was exquisite and it was intriguing to see how this type of Chinese music is played because I have never stopped to think about how different it sounds to our traditional English music. The singing was very interesting because you could tell what style the numbers were, even though the music was played with different instruments to the ones we use and it was in a different language you could still tell that some of it had been written quite recently. The dancing was very professional and was interesting to see how tradition Chinese dance interprets stories, tales and subjects. All put together, the performance was amazing, interesting, spellbinding and a must-see for all those interested in foreign culture. I would definitely go to their next performance and I strongly recommend it to all people.

Reviewed by Eleanor Avon, 11

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