Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Year of the Horse and Our Activities

Starting on Saturday 31st Jan 2014, we will enter the Year of the Horse, a Wooden Horse or Green Horse. The Chinese Sign Horse is energetic, warm-hearted, intelligent and able, which reflects on a famous Chinese phrase 'Long Ma Jing Shen / 龙马精神’, which literally means 'Dragon Horse Spirit'. So we hope that the spirit of the horse will bring us a lot of luck and prosperity in the new year. 

We have a lot of activities to offer to our lovely audience during January and February 2014: 
  • FREE Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday 18th January at Lark Lane Community Centre (Old Police Station). Check here for details; 
  • Chinese cultural show on 1st February at Unity Theatre Liverpool. Check here for details; 
  • Lion dance, Martial arts and Pot Juggling performances on 7th February for Liverpool University Alumni event in London;
  • Chinese dance performance and arts & crafts workshops 2-4pm on Saturday 8th February at Birkenhead Library; 
  • Chinese dance performances on Sunday 9th February at Museum of Liverpool and Maritime Museum;
  • Chinese dance and music performances at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm Tuesday 18th February --Thursday 20th February at Walker Art Gallery;
  • Chinese cultural activities for LMH tenants funded by LMH. The details will be up soon;
  • Chinese cultural workshops in over 10 schools across the Merseyside.

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